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Takashi Ikezawa

In a field near the Art Centre facing the sky, Takashi Ikezawa’s has produced an earth sensitive land work using materials that reflect human-nature interactions… At its centre green earth provides a focal point to a circle of elements with many spokes like an earth clock… Roof tiles reference the Japanese home, but equally that the planet earth is our true home. Rice interspersed in the installation recall our dependence on nature’s resources for our food, shelter and survival. Cotton is used for clothes, for many aspects of living… And the placement of Takashi’s piece facing the Father Sky, originating with Mother Earth builds a natural unity between the infinite and the earth bound. A brilliant song of the earth with, by and for nature

 John K. Grande

アートセンター近くの野外、空に向けてTakashi Ikezawa(池澤孝)は人間と自然の交流を反映する材料を用いて大地に優しい野外作品を制作している...

ジョンK グランデ       訳 今田勝

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