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2015 Tsukuba International Artist in Residence


Kaiqn Zhang   China




箸 / 160cm x 80cm x 80 cm



地層のように、いかなる過去の偉大な時代も、その前の時代の上に築かれている。こうした意味で、未来の考古学者は、私たちの時代をどう定義するのだろう。ある日、私のスタジオの下に入居していたインテリアデザイン会社が、創業 10 年にして退去し、世界中から取り寄せた―スペインのアリカンテから中国の山西省に至るまで-大理石のタイルの膨大なコレクションを残していった。



"Associating / 伴生 "


Tons of chopsticks are consumed in the process of eating. The material comes from mountains and forests. In my work, the chopsticks are brought back to the mountain in a different and fantastical form. The light shines through the structures and makes crystal shadows on the ground.




"Parasitic / 寄生 "

Like rock strata, every great era in the past builds on the preceding one.In this sense, how will archaeologists in the future define our era? When, after ten years in business, an interior design company below my studio moved out and left an enormous collection of marble tile samples from all over the world - from Alicante, Spain to Shanxi, China.The stone was mined inside of mountains, then sliced into slabs, and eventually installed in places like the floor of the reception desk in a karaoke bar in Shenzen. There, every single tile has a unique texture and color. Some look like clouds 

at sunset, and others like the trunks of oak trees. Though worthless in terms of resale value, every single piece is precious to me as an artist, and I have tried to reconfigure them into natural forms. My hope is that the viewer of my work will appreciate both its aesthetic qualities and its critique of global consumer culture in the face of a degraded natural environment.

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