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Evelyn Müürsepp   Estonia

“Geological Somnambulism”


Nylon and polyester thread


Lines and trajectories of intentions woven together by interconnecting thoughts. Over time these interactions develop into forms and flows. But what holds this all together? Great pillars of wood and a mass of cracked stone.

Between the trees in the forest interior, bridging the trees Evelyn Muursepp’s fine red filaments of thread are light catchers with delicate poetic geometries and patterns. The variations are like designed notes that contrast the natural wood colours brilliantly. Here, art has a time space presence. As integration Muursepp’s involves an audience of insects, birds, humans, and nature, and the approach is less demonstrative, more ecolutionary than evolutionary. The variation of natural web forms, and the geometries of these forms interact, culture and nature provide the paradigm for fusion of aesthetics from nature with the human contribution. Ephemeral and eternal as art, the eventual return to nature signifies a purpose, a cycle of life, and an affirmation of the visual perceptual way humans live in the environment.          John K. Grande
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